By Dr. Toi Hershman, ED.D

Out of OCD

A memoir

Out of OCD: Adventures in Compulsive Obsessions follows Toi’s journey from normal childhood to OCD diagnosis to career woman and mother struggling just to get through every day.

Using personal anecdotes and research, Toi lays out the struggles that millions of people face daily, from
being accused of being oversensitive to being told to “Just get over it.” She answers questions readers may have, such as:

  • Why do I feel like I am losing my mind?
  • Why does the media ignore OCD in its true form?
  • Why is proper OCD treatment so hard to find?
  • Why can’t I fix this?

Toi had battled OCD for over thirty-five years. It’s now time for her story to be told. 

    About Me

    Toi Hershman

    Hi Friends,

    I am an education consultant and instructional designer living in Maryland. I have spent much of my career creating courses that are engaging and stimulating to the modern student. I hold a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, a masters in education administration, and a doctorate in instructional design and technology. Most importantly, I am the mother of two sons. My book, Out of OCD: Adventures in Compulsive Obsessions, outlines my journey with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    When I am not on quest to change the face of education, I enjoy cracking a good joke (usually at my own expense) and sitting around a bonfire or hitting the beach with my husband and sons.